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Describing the poverty stricken state of something or somebody
If somebody were saving for a wedding and subsequently cutting back on all their spending they might describe themselves as stingey
If a father were to serve a single can of coke amongst his son and 3 friends in plastic cups, his son may exclaim in exasperation, "Dad, you're so stingey!"
by Newmarch May 18, 2008
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The feeling of needing to have a sh*t, the usual face of someone feeling stingey would be >.< . The process of then taking the dump would be 'Stinge Relief'
Oliver: ''Oh, i'm feeling bit Stingey!''

Ollie: ''Go to the toilet for some Stinge Relief then!''
by Ollie.A January 08, 2012
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When something feels like you have just been stung.
"Ow I have just been stung by a bee/wasp now it feels all stingey"
by Amrit A Jizzle! September 05, 2008
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