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A funny and very chilled person. Rauf’s get along with anyone as they have a strong loveable nature that everyone needs in their life. They are good fun, got a great sense of humour and can make almost anyone laugh. They tend to have a good physique as they take pride in their appearance, often have a really good dress sense too.
Friend: “Rauf you out tonight, my guy?”
Rauf: “of course man.”

Rauf is such a great guy.
by Alishaaaaa December 02, 2018
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An Arabian name, very common in Arabian countries, as well as Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Pronounced as Rau:f with long pronounciation of U. NOT like Ralf or Raf as in Ralph.
"Rauf is a coool guy"
"Get da F***** out of here Rauf!"
by M.Rauf September 18, 2007
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The most brave, good looking hero that everyone wants to have. A gentleman whom no one can be like. Mannered. King. Thoughtful and overall the best
‘Rauf you handsome manLady from the crowd
by Thatshw May 27, 2018
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