If cancer was a website, this would be it.
Scientist 1: Look! I've discovered a new type of cancer!
Scientist 2: That's just rationalwiki
Scientist 1: What's the difference?
by AcidSpittingLlama January 01, 2018
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A narrative-crafter website posing as being rational. They pretend to leave their wikis open to editing but ban anyone who edits any page in a way that conflicts with their highly, highly biased narrative.

They seem to think conspiracies are impossible despite a quick search for "conspiracy theories that turned out to be true" showing the list is long and continues to grow. Anyone who posts anything that conflicts with the "official narrative" is immedia banned permanently regardless of how solid the evidence and sourcing is.

In other words, the site should be renamed irrationalwiki as they have an unreasonably strong bias toward conformity and supposed "authority" which is antithetical to science and critical thinking.
Only braindead idiots think rationalwiki.com is a rational source for any information on anything.
by Science_not_Scientism May 30, 2021
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Person 1:Have you heard of RationalWiki?
Person 2:No
Person 1:They keep spreading SJW propaganda with no factual backing
Person 2:You mean tumblr made a wiki?
by AntBlaze July 02, 2018
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Once a well respected website that now is filled with atheist extremists, atheist zealots, anti-theists, liberals, moderate leftists who are centrists in denial, enlightenment centrists, centrist extremists, horseshoe theory supporters, neopositivists, scientificists and people who call everything that is not "scientific" nor "materialist" nor "positivist" as "pseudoscience", "antiscience" and "science denial". Attacking all sides and believing everyone is wrong and only their Wiki is right.
RationalWiki is basically Quora in form of a Wiki.
by Dumugian December 01, 2021
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A website that should change its name to "irrationakwiki". It is basically the liberal version of Conservapedia. Rather than spewing bias, fundamentalist christian and ultra conservative views, it instead spews liberal views and has a left-wing bias. However, it is more centre left than far left since it criticises socialism and communism, at least to an extent. The name 'RationalWiki" can also be used to describe fighting bias with bias and looking like a moronic baboon ranting. Basically, RationalWiki is as bad as Conservapedia. Don't use it. It's not as bad as Conservapedia, but it is still biased like all political wikis, news sources (like CNN or Fox News), videos etc.
Daniel: Where the hell did you hear that?
John: RationalWiki
by Aguero2992 October 27, 2019
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A wiki run by people who, for some reason, are unable to express their political stance in a direct way. It's also a snarky wiki where the only article that contains absolutely no snark is Socialism.
A: I think it speaks volumes about your ideological beliefs when you gather people to write thousands of pages of tongue-in-cheek material on nearly every ideology ever known except one. That's what RationalWiki does.
B: No, that's just being rational, and you are being irrational for saying that.
by uncaimed2 January 30, 2018
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A alleged rationalist and scientific website focused on fight "pseudoscience" that nowadays is mostly a website that promotes militant atheism, atheist fanaticism, atheist extremism and neopositivism, very liberal centrist views about the world pretending to be objective views of the world, massive fallacy forging out of completely non-fallacious arguments, categorizing things "pseudoscientific" that are not pseudoscientific at all, things that do not even pretend to be scientific at all and things that they disagree/dislike or do not believe in, supports that conspiracy theories cannot happen despite the number of conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, blocking and banning everyone who post anything that goes against atheism, neopositivism, and liberalism-centrism regardless how trustful are your sources and links, and a website that doesn't allow criticism of atheism nor criticism of science and deemed both of them as being "pseudoscientific", "antiscience" and "science denial" when they aren't. It is a website to be avoided, and no one should use this website for anything, nor even as source for anything.
RationalWiki is more for IrrationalWiki, and RationalWiki is the ultimate proof that rationality and irrationality are relative and subjective, because it is possible to realize that after seeing how the average RationalWiki users are in practice.
by Dumugian January 12, 2022
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