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Online wiki devoted to propagating left-wing ideals without explicitly stating so. The title "Rational Wiki" is deliberately misleading, as it implies a logical, unbiased, emotionally detached approach when the site reads like a hotly opinionated liberal blog.
According to RationalWiki, "reality has a liberal bias," not them.
by DrewPW May 07, 2016
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Person 1:Have you heard of RationalWiki?
Person 2:No
Person 1:They keep spreading SJW propaganda with no factual backing
Person 2:You mean tumblr made a wiki?
by AntBlaze July 02, 2018
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If cancer was a website, this would be it.
Scientist 1: Look! I've discovered a new type of cancer!
Scientist 2: That's just rationalwiki
Scientist 1: What's the difference?
by AcidSpittingLlama January 02, 2018
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RationalWiki (also known as irrational wiki) was raised in response to Conservapedia, a wiki constructed from a conservative and fundamentalist Christian viewpoint. Originally the "rational" wiki was created to refute certain errors on its rival wiki but it soon became a gathering ground for social justice warriors, liberals of all sorts and intolerant atheist bigots to spread their biased and nutty ideologies. The wiki quickly became filled with more inaccuracies than Conservapedia, the biggest errors being their articles on religion and politics (where their prime sources and citations for articles dealing with these subjects solely come from atheist and liberal sources respectively).

On the "rational" wiki, Nazis were Christian (in reality, they weren't and persecuted Christianity and the Churches in Germany after coming into power, source), the anti-theism of Joseph Goebbels and his crusade against Christianity by creating the "German Faith Movement" (a personality cult that worshipped Hitler and was atheistic) never existed (or at least the wiki refuses to acknowledge it since they neglect to mention it in their article about him), communism's atrocities are conveniently looked over, North Korea is no longer a communist nation and worships Kim Jong Un as God, matter can arise from nothingness (despite this having no empirical evidence) and Jesus never existed despite all the historical evidence.
What we see from this is that the "rational" wiki, whilst accepting scientific facts such as evolution, denies history and other facts to advance its anti-religious and atheist agenda.

The RationalWiki is really a biased blog of a group of deluded anti-theists, atheists and liberals who think they can make a difference with their liberal history revisionism. It is not a wiki of any sort and contains more censorship than Conservapedia towards differing views. However all educated people regard the wiki as nothing but biased nonsense.

It is a wiki run by autists, perverts and genuinely bat-shit insane atheists who have such obsessions with creationists and users on Conservapedia that they have taken it upon themselves to literally write entire biographies of such insignificant non-famous people whilst constantly stalking and documenting their online activities. We can already deduce from this that the entire user base of RationalWiki consists of a bunch of truly mentally deranged no-lifers who think that some random creationist preaching his creationist views on some remote website on the internet is somehow a bigger problem than corruption in politics or poverty. Users of the RationalWiki however do not exist in the real world, they are lost in their own delusions, lies and hatred of religion.
by Atheism is bullshit June 02, 2015
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A wiki that triggers conservatives and theists.
Dude 1: How can we come from monkies if there are still monkies?

Dude 2: Here's the RationalWiki page.

by MethinksItMightBeAWeasel February 08, 2017
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A wiki biased towards facts that was created in response to Conservapedia editors being blocked for correcting falsehoods, which is what Conservapedia is, a right wing falsehood wiki made in response to the non-existent liberal bias of Wikipedia. RationalWiki is often hated on by bigots, who donโ€™t know that there arenโ€™t people who cause trouble, aside from vandals. RationalWiki is aimed at debunking things like salt woo, food woo, or other types of woo.
RationalWiki is known for editors from Conservapedia who quit in response to the Conservapedia falsehoods.
by Qorptocx March 22, 2019
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A wiki mostly dedicated to debunking antiscience movements and other quackery aswell as countless other articles dealing with logic and current events. Often touted as being biased towards the left a more accurate definition might be biased towards facts.
Hillaryforprison88: The stupid leftys at the rational wiki think being egalitarian means your a chauvinist
Normaldude14: Actually if you read the article it explains how egalitarianism and feminism are not mutually exclusive and that egalitarianism in almost certainly a good thing, and that people who claim to be egalitarians instead of feminist have fundamental misunderstandings of what feminism is and instead choose to lump all feminism into one monolithic ideological project.
Hillaryforprison88: Wait that is reasonably abstract and complex and doesn't instantly fit into my world view, therefor it must be irrational
by Ilovemmikehawk0000 July 08, 2017
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