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To show that a number can be rewritten as a ratio of two whole numbers—for example, it is impossible to express numbers like √2 and pi as a ratio.
Paul thought that mathematicians had managed to rationalize the number pi to 22/7, but in actual fact the improper fraction is merely a good approximation to the irrational number pi.
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by MathPlus July 19, 2017
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to make excuses by masking own flaws/insecurities by explaining one's own reasoning/actions, often used to avoid the real reason or reality when all it does it make one small, simple & scared.
Joe: Bill why did you beat that guy up?
Bill: cuz he flirted with my girlfriend dude.
Joe: Umm, he was just asking where a store is.
Bill: Well, I had to protect her honor & defend her, besides he looked shifty.
Joe: You're just doing nothing but rationalize.
by fballjones October 10, 2010
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