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The act of some something ridiculous, ugly, horrible, petty, stupid, and/or just simply `ugh' because of bad character traits. This can also simply be the combination of the words ratchet + activity= ratchetivity.
"Ugh, there was turd sitting in the hallway at school today!"
"What! That's ratchetivity at its finest!"
by Don't_Worry_About_Me_Bitch April 05, 2013
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1 (n:) "RA-CHE-TIV-ET-EE" - The ritualistic acts and or behavior displayed by individuals whom posses a descripted caliber of circumstantial judgment and morale, much less than that of an on-looking witness giving account of said activity; to be witnessed at no particular time, location, and without notification.
Person 1: "SHEESH!! I understand they messed up her order, but the ratchetivity was unnecessary.

Person 2: Right! entertaining as it was, you just don't stand on counters yelling obscenities to the employees. Have some class.
by Ellis Duquesne March 04, 2014
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Creativity for doing ratchet things. Being creative when thinking about ways to get ratchet.
"Let's get drunk on the roof and throw shit at cars" "Dude you have so much ratchetivity."
by Wanderlusttttttttt February 16, 2014
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the act of being ratchet, doing ratchet things in a non ratchet setting
girl twerking in Wal-Mart
bystanders: do you see this ratchetivity smh
by Dreads65 May 06, 2013
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Johnathan: Can you believe she got her nails shaped like Hennesy bottles?

Nico: that's a bunch of ratchetivity
by Sinhaja Ali January 24, 2019
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