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A ghetto person that will do anything to get something free. Even going over and above the cost of the free item. Couponing is very ratcheese.
A offshoot of ratchet.
"imma gonna dig this newspaper outta the trash so i can save $.30 on some weave"
"Damn nigga that is ratcheese as fuck"
by negneal February 14, 2012
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The filthy excuse for a upperlip mustache nasty "he-shes" sport when trying to steez their cheese.
Yo, Kellen, the ratcheese on your upperlip is making Scott and I want to throwup!
by Grant Proctor April 11, 2008
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A well known ingredient, derived from the eastern north american rodent other wise known as the common house hold rat. Goes well with the mixture of potato pie.
"Man that shit was as good as Rat Cheese and Potato Pie!!!"
by DaBri and the ComebackKid November 12, 2007
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