a person who is being extremely annoying. It is a combination of the words rat and asshole. It can be used in anger or towards a friend in a joking matter.
Wow omg I cant believe you stole my cookie, you’re such a rat hole.
by ultimate rat February 26, 2020
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Made famous by the TWIT podcast Macbreak Weekly, a rat hole is when a discussion follows a constant tangent and ends up with a topic that has nothing to do with the original discussion.
That discussion of Macs which changed into a discussion of classical music was quite the rat hole.
by Steven Legault January 22, 2008
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A place where you put some money to save that no one knows about.
father to son...... Son, you better rat hole some money.
by steven algren December 29, 2009
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To digress in an extensive way. To divert the conversation to a topic that is not only unrelated to the topic at hand, but a topic that will likely have no immediate resolution either.
That's an interesting discussion, but let's stay on track and not go down a rat-hole.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
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A person or friend, outside an entity to secretly move money or launder money making it appear to have earned money legally.
He persuaded friends outside the company to act as “rat holes”, handing them stakes in each new issue, which would belong to that person on paper, but which, in fact, would be originator's money and originator’s stake.
by unirobber January 5, 2018
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A statement to be said in a group setting whenever one pleases. Getting the attention of the group is crucial, and so is looking up in a disgusted way. An actual hole in the ceiling is recommended, but not necessary.
(Looking up curiously) Wait so........is that a rat hole??
by dictionaryman123 November 5, 2010
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