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A trick played on a fellow athlete where the open hand smacks the target's testicles with the knuckles in a sharp, wrist flicking motion.
"Dude, I sack tapped Brandon, and now he has the whole team trying to sack tap me"
by Chris M July 07, 2004
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A Pickpocket/Homeless person/Hobo/Mugger that steals your stuff or gives you weird looks and hisses at you before running at you like a Velociraptor, scratching you and stealing your stuff.

It could also mean someone that frequently J-walks.
Shit the bed look at that guy sat over there he is a total raptor lets get out of here.

Look at that fucking prick what a J-walking raptor bastard.
by Ex-raptor Steve April 16, 2013
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A drunk female in high-heels. Usually characterized by lots of stumbling and screeching.
Watch out, its the first Friday of the school year. The freshmen raptors are out in full force.
by Dan Jack August 24, 2009
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A person who is constantly lying and over exaggerating to others to make him/she seem like they are great in every aspect in life.
Hey Perry , Jerry is being a raptor.
by Gavs0 April 06, 2017
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A thirsty female searching for her next male victim. Once a raptor digs her claws into her pray, they drag them away and their pray's souls are consumed.

Generally Raptors are tantalizing, attractive females posses a special Kekkei Genkai ( visual power) known as "crazy eyes". Raptors posses other abilities which are super effective against weak men such as "Tight Yoga pants" and "Just one more drink, trust me".

Many groups and communities have created Raptor Watch Lists in hopes of limiting casualties. Please ask around at your local college campus for updated information on any possible raptors.
Tommy was just hanging with some friends at a rave last week when out of nowhere, a raptor leaps out of the crowd and drags him into the back of the venue. That raptor is now his girlfriend.
by JLiftz March 15, 2017
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As in the F-22 Attack Fighter Aircraft in the USAF. Commonly known as the Raptor, and is loosely reffered to as a Raptor. Officially, it is the A/F-22 Raptor. Most civilians will know it as "our new jet."
The F-22 Raptor has stealth capabilites.
by Cln. Sanders November 24, 2003
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