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A thirsty female searching for her next male victim. Once a raptor digs her claws into her pray, they drag them away and their pray's souls are consumed.

Generally Raptors are tantalizing, attractive females posses a special Kekkei Genkai ( visual power) known as "crazy eyes". Raptors posses other abilities which are super effective against weak men such as "Tight Yoga pants" and "Just one more drink, trust me".

Many groups and communities have created Raptor Watch Lists in hopes of limiting casualties. Please ask around at your local college campus for updated information on any possible raptors.
Tommy was just hanging with some friends at a rave last week when out of nowhere, a raptor leaps out of the crowd and drags him into the back of the venue. That raptor is now his girlfriend.
by JLiftz March 15, 2017
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when you feel like running down a long hall way and crouching your back all weird like and bringing your arms in you may proceed to yell "Look! I am a RAPTOR!"
(said while running) "RAPTOR!!! RAPTOR!!"
by LauraAnn6589 February 26, 2006
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rapβ€’tor (rap-ter)
1. A famous rapper who is angling his career towards performing as an untrained actor in movies. A rapper whose attempt at playing any role other than a thug would be laughable.
2. A music performer turned hack actor; usually relegated to playing some version of his or her music career persona.
3. Any hip hop artist who uses profits from album sales to pay dues to the Screen Actor's Guild. Much like the prehistoric raptor, this subspecies will one day be extinct.
"Fiddy's work as a raptor is almost as disappointing as his work in music."
"At this point in his career to consider Ludacris as anything more than a raptor would be... well... ludicrous."
"Beyonce's work on-screen as a raptor is cringe-worthy."
"The raptors are a pestilence that is slowly squeezing out our potential for finding the next Don Cheadle."
by Spider Goodlegs June 11, 2006
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A young adult male who only dates older women (cougar's)

A 22 year old male who is dating a 35 year old woman.
That raptor is dating a 35 year old woman
by Jamessa800 March 24, 2009
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