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A person who's life is fueled by his passion for something on which others often look down on- often a very special person or hobby, a Raphael sees the bright in everything and sees talent and beauty when it comes his way. He can put the most complicated emotional feelings to paper. Often made fun of because his endless forgiveness, he will always forgive you if he knows you are being honest. He will never judge you and will always treat people he doesn't know with the greatest respect imaginable. If you are close to a person like this, you will never be able to let them go. Any person he dates will always love him no matter what. But hurt this person too much, you will learn the the forgiveness is not endless anymore and once you cross that line, you will regret it forever. Ask for forgiveness though, and he will probably forgive you. People like this are rare.
wow, look at him, he is the only one being nice to the biggest idiot of the school, how does he do it?
-I don't know, he must be a Raphael.

I just met this guy and we had the most interesting conversation I've had in years. I feel like my soul has been refreshed and my outlook on life revived.

-I know who you were talking to... it was a Raphael!
by random ass dude who is sexayyy January 15, 2015

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A hilarious TV star from the BBC motoring show top gear (UK, not the horrible American one). He has a great sense of humor, sometimes a bit controversial and seemingly with the logic of a twelve year old but great to watch and together with Richard Hammond and James May, the greatest TV show in the world(it is the most watched factual TV show in the world) is produced.
Did you see the latest Top Gear Christmas special?
-no, what was it about?
-Jeremy Clarkson, Richard and May went on a journey though Patagonia! it is great! i really recommend it!
-OK, thanks, i think i will watch it.
by random ass dude who is sexayyy January 21, 2015

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a girl or boy that you have a huge crush on and would totally take home, but society has decided that this person is an outcast and that you should be put to shame for even confessing to having a crush on this person. So the affected person ends up trying to realize a way to solve the problem but ends up remaining unsuccessful.
I think that Jay has a fuckcrush on aimee, you notice how he's watching her?
-yeah poor sucker is wasting his time...maybe we should get someone else to distract him...
-great idea! let's save his social life!
by random ass dude who is sexayyy March 05, 2015

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Instagram pages that serve solely to inspire you, such as travel pictures, pictures of expensive cars, planes, or motivational quotes.
Did you see Darren's new insta?

Yeah, it's kinda cool but it's honestly just another Instapiration page... we can all go there and go "wow, we're so inspired", but no one's actually going to make any meaningful change as a result of being instaspired...
by random ass dude who is sexayyy April 21, 2019

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