A feeling that occurs, when you see or hear something that gets you hot.
Omg, listening to Drake makes me rapey

I'm totally rapey over Kim Kardashian's ass
by Jo-Messica August 25, 2010
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adv. ray-pee a way of describing video game dominance over noobs during online gameplay.
"Ooh, 25 kill-streak, rapey."
by CORE LansingMi August 31, 2008
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Adj. The characteristic of acting like a rapist or very perverted. Having a perverse attitude and/or look on things.
Don't hump my leg! That's so rapey!
by Boyband Lover May 23, 2014
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To describe an individual who is...

- Creepy
- Has a distinctive 'rapist's stare/glare'
- Can turn any conversation into something sexual
Remember that Joe? Oh my god he's so rapey now
by SomethingImportant July 06, 2011
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Rape like or rapish activities: A pretense action to rape
He was acting very rapey before he roofied her last night.
by William Clark Newman (MOOSE) December 05, 2015
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A man is "rapey" if things he says or does hint that he thinks he has a right to sex with a woman, or that women *should* have sex with him out of some kind of social obligation.

Rapey implies that the man is not an actual rapist, but only has some points of view that are unsettling. A woman might feel unsafe around a man she thinks is "rapey".

Rapey men might claim that women they crush on are being unfair by not entering into a sexual relationship with them, they might demand a "good" reason their girlfriend doesn't want sex, or generally whine about how they can't get any sex and blame women in general.
Colin was being a bit rapey yesterday afternoon. He kept saying it's not fair that I won't have sex with him.
by acemidget December 08, 2015
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-a characteristic of a person who is attractive to the point where another person would want to rape the first person instead of normally having sex with them
1) "Did you see the new girl? She's totally rapey"

2)"I can't stop thinking about him! He's so mysterious and rapey!"
by Dee Metaldragon April 29, 2011
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