A man or boy, closely ressembling Indiana Jones, Crocodile Dundee or some other form of explorer of the seven seas. Cowboy hats and knee-high boots are bound to feature in his getup, but he also may frequently be spotted in a kilt. His hobbies include overpowering young women and pinning them up against a wall/taking those bitches down, often whilst screaming "I AM INCREEEEDIBLY STROOONG" which he uses as his mating call, among other things such as hunting for crocodiles. He can often be found lurking. Anywhere.
OMG! That reptile boy pushed me against a wall last night and twisted my wrist. He's such a Rapey Rob.
by hideyokidshideyowife October 3, 2010
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The creepy look someone gives off from their eyes that suggests that they'd like to forcefully have their way with you, right here, right now!
Do you see how Nate is looking at me with those rapey eyes?!?
by mos_darts September 25, 2009
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Feeling unusual after drinking random, opened drinks; a term used by inexperienced drinkers that blame their black outs on being roofied. Symptoms are described as headaches, pain, sleepiness, feeling delerious, partial numbness, loss of motor skills and/or brief periods of dyslexia
I was feeling a little date-rapey when I left the bar yesterday, which is strange because I only had two cocktails.
I felt all date-rapey after I drank that water some strange girl left at my house.
by Felonlicious March 18, 2013
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A shopping mall Santa who gets an erection when a little girl with blonde pigtails sits on his lap.
Cassandra: "Get your daughter off his lap Michelle, he is a rapey Santa."
by JohnDaHound November 4, 2015
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a person male or female who sits in trees late at night looking for his victims or follows them round stores at night
check him out following that woman round the isles the dirty rapey owl! twit twoo
by rapey owl February 4, 2010
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When creepy old dudes wear sweat pants. The pants are over sized, baggy, and usually pulled up to high showing off more than desired.
That old man is sporting rapey sweatpants.
by Godudego March 14, 2016
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Something this has a very bright and blinding color.
That shirt is so eye-rapey.
by _annazon_ May 22, 2019
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