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A sexualized pre-adolescent girl.

Coined by Vladimir Nabokov, author of Lolita.
"Damn, with those pigtails she looks like a regular nymphet"
by Nicolyie August 15, 2006
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The term 'Nymphet'(And the lesser used term Faunet) was popularized by Vladamir Nobovic through his controversial novel 'Lolita' published in 1955. It is commonly used to describe a 'Sexualised adoleacent girl', normally early on in puberty.
The term derives from the greek word 'Nymph' meaning beautiful woman. Basically a nympet is a lusty, gorgeous, young girl.
Nymphet can be applied to girls aging from nine to fourteen which is the age 'Lolita's main character Humbert Humbert lusted after.
"A nymphet crossed me in the park yesterday."

"That young girl right there is a first class nymphet!"
by Fiona Southworth September 23, 2006
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