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The sound you make when you vomit alphabetti spaghetti
Jon ''I think i ate that too quickly''
Jane ''That was not a good idea''
Jon '' Oh no, oh god, oh no...zyxwvutsrqponmlkjihgfedcba''
by superfunhappyslide March 26, 2009

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Fart gas traps that hover around for a while - sometimes have an eerie green glow if it is really potent
Me: When I go shopping i like to leave stinkers around for people to walk into

Dave: Thats disgusting
by superfunhappyslide July 10, 2008

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Girls blame the farting spiders when they fart because girls never fart
Jesus girl whats that smell, that you?

No, must have been those farting spiders again...they have a very poor diet
by superfunhappyslide July 10, 2008

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Removing yourself from facebook. Like a suicide, only online
Jim: how come boris isn't on facebook any more?
Rupert: Think it was a sad case of facebookicide
by superfunhappyslide May 21, 2009

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An extremely sexy petite girl...smaller version of a ''Machine''
Oh dude i was outside that all girls school the other day and there were some wicked little gadgets about.
by SuperFunHappySlide February 01, 2008

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The sound/motion a semi erect penis makes when released from jeans
I popped my slippers on, unbuttoned my jeans and then came the flump
by superfunhappyslide July 15, 2008

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A drink/drugs bender of epic proportions
''Steve, what you do this weekend?''
''Mate I went on the super fun happy slide, I couldn't even spell my own face''
by superfunhappyslide March 07, 2008

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