The best and attractive avocado boi that belongs to fangirls (and possibly fanbois)
Rantaro you are so hawt
by Pantacado March 9, 2018
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Meaning a character that 100% deserved better than what they ended up getting.
"Rantaro" is often used to refer to a boy with light green hair and a hot body. The boy often also radiates "fuck boy energy", although they are sweeter than it seems at first.
Person: Omg, I just finished the show and the protagonist is a total Rantaro!

Person: Why are the Rantaro characters always so hot? It's not fair!
by Anonyymisynonyymi May 23, 2020
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A type of avocado that can be used to make guacamole, make sure to peel the avocado first.
peel the avocado, peel the avocado, peel the Rantaro, peel the Rantaro, guacamole, guacamole, guacamole
by providedbyMono December 16, 2020
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He's the best avocado you can eat and now his poor family died cause people eated his family
Oh look if black friday and Rantaro is with 23% cheaper
by I love grape panta December 28, 2021
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Rantarokinnie on insta simps for him
by Rantarosgf November 29, 2020
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person1:he looks like a Rantaro
person2:woah really! how lucky
by sOmieSop April 6, 2021
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