A character from the popular game series Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. Has green minty hair and shops at Hot Topic. A very mysterious and well-loved character that deserved better from the franchise.
“Hey! Did you see who won the twitter poll for the most beautiful Danganronpa character?”


“Rantaro Amami! As he deserves!”
by tartagIia December 12, 2020
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The sexy sexy man in Danganronpa. He sits like a bottom and looks like a avacodo but if u wouldn’t let him rail u your lying
Rantaro Amami is an Beautiful man
by Hope hoe January 15, 2021
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The guy that didn’t get enough screen time, and the reason Shuichi is the better protagonist
“My name is Rantaro Amami. I can’t remember my ultimate talent at the moment, but I promise I’m not a bad guy.” -Rantaro
by LteEeeeeee March 9, 2021
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Rantaro Amami is daddy.
No, literally, I’m pregnant w/his child.
by M00n_G0rl April 2, 2021
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A avocado with a piss kink from NDRV3
Did you see him? He’s Rantaro Amami”
by Ass Juice the 11037th December 30, 2022
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