-Son of wrestling legend Cowboy Bob Orton (who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, 2005) from St. Louis, Missouri.

-3rd generation wrestler who first appeared on RAW and used to be in a group called Evolution with HHH, Batista, and Ric Flair.

-Now has moved on to SmackDown! due to the annual draft lottery switches.

-Gimmick was "The Legend Killer" where he went around proving himself by attacking WWE legends like Mick Foley...that gimmick came to an end when Randy repeatedly kept losing to undefeatable legende The UnderTaker.

-Finishing move is also his initials:RKO=Randy Keith Orton, Randy Knock Out.

-Good friends with WWE wrestlers, John Cena and Brock Lesnar (whom he trained with in OVW)and Mark Jindrak.

-Seems to be a fan favorite of female fans as many females have screamed loudly for him at arena events and lined up all around to see him during autograph signings.

-Youngest champion ever in WWE history (he beat Brock Lesnar to it-Brock was 24 years old when he beat The Rock back in SummerSlam 2002.
Ex. Randy Orton got brutally hurt during his match with Mick Foley when he fell onto thumbtacks.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 14, 2005
A young wrestler who is constantly improving in the ring. He was a great heel and then he became a horrible face. He's a heel again, so all is right in the world.
Randy Orton is entertaining as a heel, but I can't stand him as a face. Now I hope he kicks Undertaker's ass.
by jimbo March 26, 2005
let's get one thing straight first: I don't hate the man. he's one of my favorites on raw. But I'm sick of stupid women basing him only on looks. for fuck's sake, it's his wrestling skills that count. Idiots
stupid, idiotic woman: like omg randy is so fucking hot so he must be a good wrestler. OMG OMG I'm having an orgasm.
me: yes he is a good wrestler, but you gotta stop being so fucking shallow lady.
by Adrian November 20, 2004
An incredible wrestler who is not given enough credit. Will go far in the WWE. Should not be hated because he's better than John Cena. The Age of Orton will live on forever!
Oh man, did you see Randy Orton RKO John Cena yesterday? Orton kicks ass!
by bonnaroo 08! May 17, 2008
An example of where a few blowjobs to higher-ups will take you in the WWE.
Any superstar who wants to be world champ, just Randy Orton your way to your goal.
by jen August 18, 2004
current world heavyweight champion and former evolution member
orton beat benoit for the title at summerslam and for those actions triple h, ric flair and batista beat the living hell out of orton
by justin August 18, 2004
To be really cool, and then suddenyl turn "not cool".

Comes from WWE Superstar Randy Orton, who used to be a badass heel and have some decent matches. But since his un-deserved Heavyweight Title reign, he started to have lame matches and have some really suckass matches.
Did you see Larry? Look at that Orton. He used to be so cool. But now that he hit the Panama Red, he's less cool.
by Jon January 18, 2005