Someone who seems to take joy in insulting others. Or what your little brother calls you when "butthead" has been used too many times
guy1: this guy right next to me is sooo gay!!!
guy2: stop telling people my buisnise you jerk face!
by Nathandavis101 March 9, 2007
said to someone who's being an ass to you or something.
stop being such a jerk face
by Sorix June 20, 2007
A cutsie dumb silly way of calling someone a smart ass.
me: is your car out there
Dan: no my car isn't out there, the snow truck plowed it.
Me: quit being a jerk face.
by fancy cat December 10, 2008
To have the face of a jerk.
"Hey jerk face! You have the face of a jerk!"
by Leebf March 21, 2005
someone who does things wihtout thinkin on how it will effect others , someone who walks around known as a jerk , or someone that uses the word , but is one themself.
"maddy is a stupid bitch ass ho , a real fuckin jerk face"
by ~BurntThaHo~ December 29, 2005
The face often found on a male when alone and jerking it, slapping the ham, choking the chicken, etc.
Erik: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit that feels good.

Ryan: (walks in) DAMMIT! I definitely did not want to see your jerk face.
by FatboyIzzaTool September 23, 2010
A face on somebody's head that is a jerk.
That guy is cool, but his face is a jerk, thus, he is a jerk face. That fucking jerk face. If his jerk faceness was measured on a scale of one to ten, it would be 300009458048053 because he is such a fucking jerk faced bastard bitch slut. Poop in my pants for me, will you?
by JarMan September 21, 2003