To call someone a Snitch;Grass.

Derives from the Character in the cartoon "Recess", who snitched on everyone he could.

Mikey : "Lawrie ratted us out to the police!"

Daniel : "Yeah, fucking Randall."
by ddenholm67 March 27, 2008
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A snitch, tattletale, brown-noser. A duplicitous and untrustworthy snake who should never be trusted. The best course of action is to ostracize such people from your social circle. Tends to be fond of gossip and cancel culture. Stems from a character named Randall from Disney's 'Recess'.
Rachel: Hey, Li~
Lisa: Fuck off, Randall. I want nothing to do with you.
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by UDUser4820 February 28, 2020
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A straight up tattletale. He/she will tell on you for everything you do that they think is wrong. Usually hunchbacked and is hated by everbody.
Based on the hit series "Recess" from the 90's, which used to air on the Disney channel (Still does in Canada)

Word can also be said as:

Randy, Scrandy, Scrandall, Randall Weems
John: Hey, Lenny, let's go smoke weed behind the school.
Lenny: Alright man, i got some great buds!
John: OH man Lenny, here comes Randall! Hide your weed!
Randall: I smell weed.. MS FINSTER MS FINSTER! John and lenny are smoking weed!
Ms. Finster: Good boy Randall, have a Sardine sandwich.
John & Lenny: Wow, that randall is such a snitch. We should beat him up.
by Sora1233432453423 October 21, 2010
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To lie, cheat, steal or mislead for personal gain.
The bank was randalled for over ten thousand dollars.

I caught the burglar randalling the Jewelery out of my bedroom.

Rodney randalled me on a bet for twenty dollars.
by C-Kicks May 23, 2016
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Randall is a compulsive eater that can't stop eating Doughnuts and mcflurrys.
Randall is overweight
by Noesynoah November 25, 2019
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