a term used for an extremely undeniably irresistably hot male. in which the terms; hot, sexy, fine, ect... which do not nearly sifficiantly describe is sex appeal.

the kind of guy who would show up to a party in nothing but a thong and still walk away with a girl at the end of the night thanks to the size of his penis.
by >:< March 27, 2009
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A boy who I crushhhh onnnn :((((
I hope lawrie asks me out he’s hella cute
by Ihaveacrushlolitspainfull April 30, 2019
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A hood rat who only wears a rubber thong on a night out
That biatch looks like a right lawrie
by christianallen November 28, 2007
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A person who is unpleasant, those who wreck your image. adjective: haters.
"Them seasoned haters give me salty looks (pause) Lawry's."
As per Kanye West in "Good Life"
by Paolo123 September 15, 2007
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A hater, somebody that is jealous of you because you are wealthier or flyer than they are.
"Haters give me them salty looks, Lawry's"-kanye west
by Blue_cannonhawk October 07, 2007
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people that hate you just because your rich or got it going on, in wich they dont even know you.
lawries givin me them salty looks
by kolton_22 October 25, 2007
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n. Derived from the Lawry's brand of seasoning salt, a lawry is a hater, or anyone whose presence is unwanted or unpleasant. Lawry defines one who is upset, or salty, hence the Lawry's reference.

v. to get angry and/or display displeasure
to interfere in one's plans, "throw salt in one's game

adj. the description of one whose characteristics are lawry
"...unseasoned haters give me them salty looks; lawrys."

"I didn't talk to her last night, so Lyss was being real lawry with me today."

"All the lawry girls come out on Friday nights."

"Get lawry with them haters!"
by Lucas Gabriel November 26, 2007
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