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the queen of all people. she is to be adored and worshipped. she is kind and thoughtful. she enjoys her booze and performing her angry bunny impression. She is funny and shy. She has a wicked mean streak but looks innoccent so she gets away with everything. she loves to shop and will spend your money faster than it takes you to pull it out of your wallet. but you'll be rewarded with awesome deals.
Ramey is the perfect example of perfection
by karyann February 05, 2010
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A "Ramey" is a drunk cave person who hails from the dark caves of Kentucky. The Ramey only leaves his cave when the smell of alcohol enters his nasal passage. The ramey also loves football and since there are no NFL teams in Kentucky they usually claim the vikings or packers.They are often spotted driving motorcycles but not very far due to their inability to make right turns. When the ramey is intoxicated he enjoy activities such as Parkour. The Ramey also loves dogs and his favorite dog is the Chow. When something funny happens the Ramey laughs by moving his shoulders up and down.
Kid in Myrtle Beach: Hey dad, Why is that guy with the vikings jersey running around and jumping off the curbs.

Dad:Dont mind him son. I think he might be a ramey.

Kid: But why are his shoulders moving up and down like an idiot?

Dad:When rameys laugh they use their shoulders and not their mouths.
by Cave Bear aka Silly Clothes November 21, 2011
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Ramey is a Arabic name meaning archer originally the Ramey creatures were mistaken for stray camels in North Africa but then as they approached Egypt Sobek the Egyptian god of semen cummed them away to the Persian empire where The ruler Cyrus the great gave them refuge the Rameys lived in peace and harmony until Alexander the Great came and Spanked the Persians into submission The Rameys were deported all the way to the Parthia in which they helped the king spank the greeks out of Persia and Iraq in which the king let the Rameys settle in Mesopotamia. Everything was Peaceful until the Sassanids rose up and became Persian Nazis some Rameys split in two Half fled to Arabia the others fled to Central Asia. Now jump to 632 AD and you have this guy called Muhammed (pbuh) spreading a EPIC new religion called islam to which the Rameys said EPIC and began conquering Arabia, after that the Rameys spoke of there persecution by the Sassanids so the Arabs conquered it and then the Levant and North Africa. Now you might be asking what happened to the Rameys in Central Asia well you see they got salty that those arab rameys are actually getting better kill streaks so jump to the Year 1060 and there ticked that those arabic Rameys are super epic So they launched a conquest with there leader a chad named Alp Arslan to conquer the country turkey from the romans ans succesfully cucked them at Manziert allowing The Virgin Central Asian Rameys to Become Chads. Ever since Rameys lived in Arabia.
Idk i was just telling the history from Ramey
by Syrian boi August 08, 2019
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a bagel dipped in french-toast mix(eggs and milk seasonings)and fried. a breakfast dish.

I had a couple ramey with syrup for breakfast.
by juan dillard April 10, 2009
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The act of not inviting a friend, relative or work mate to any event attended by the person.
“Hey man, we’re at the Ox having some beers”

“Thanks for the invite, Ramey”.

Also: Ramey’d = “bro, you just got Ramey’d”
by Shawry90 January 08, 2019
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A man who secretly carries bombs under his jacket, waiting for the moment to yell, “Allah ‘akbar” and blow his and your brains out.
“Oh God look it’s Ramey we’re all gonna die!”
by Ok this is epic April 17, 2019
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