Alp is the realest, most genuine, and kindest person you will ever meet. He is funny in a way that lights up a room, which is why he has a lot of friends. However, he also has a lot of high standards and will choose close and loyal friends. You can tell Alp anything as he is trustworthy and will appreciate you, if you open up to him about your life, or secrets. He is stubborn in a good way because there’s nothing he can’t do if he puts his mind to it!

On the outside, he easily grabs attention with his charisma: it’s just hard to not smile at him when he’s talking to you. He has a pretty-boy face with sparkling eyes, and usually a distinctive hairstyle. He has a tall, hot body- just like the mountains () if you have an Alp you most probably have a best friend and the coolest boyfriend. Alps are cool, there is no other like Alp.
Your name is Alp?
So it is true what they say.. about your charisma..
by threenineonine October 15, 2021
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*the opposite of Bae(Before Anyone Else)
After Lots of People
Guy: Honey you my BAE
Girl: Well you my ALP

Guy: Wait what...
Girl: After Lots of People...
Guy: I want a list of names
Girl: no

*fight ensues
by Archer 808 February 22, 2015
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Asshole, piece of crap, not that smart, try hard.
You are such a alp
Stop being a alp
by big chungai January 18, 2019
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1) A well known mountain range in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Italy ) where it's possible to do some great skiiing and snowboarding.

2) "alp solid" (slang: "alpsolite") is often used instead of "rock solid".
1) "Since I went up and down the alps I don't even mind San Francisco's hills anymore."

2) "So you're sure this is gonna work?"
Yeah trust me, there's nothing more alpsolite"
by szu April 26, 2003
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Acronym for Average Likes Per Status. Pioneered by Bobby Mcgoon aka Bob Gorman. This is the only real measure of relevance, comedy, and popularity. Anything less than ALPS of 25 is insignificant and means that person shouldn't be on your friends list.
That man has some strong ALPS, I aspire to be like him one day.
by Paul Giarrusso May 9, 2016
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1. A common Turkish name for individuals
2. An individual exhibiting lethargy on a daily basis
"Look, it's Alp sleeping!"
by Jonny-Thompson January 13, 2009
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