Rakin is an online handle currently used by (insert steam community link here)
he is the adik to mus and the one of the best cs players in the squadron team, he is halal 1000% and an abang to the squad


by DeadEyeRaptor April 21, 2022
Rakin is an Indian brown boys name. He normally has issues with his friends which are all negative. But he has some true friends. A Rakin can be the best friend and some times the most annoying one. But he will always be there for you
Yo Dawg hangin out with those chicks bout to mess you up man. You bout to end up like a Rakin”
by 69GENIUS69 February 18, 2020
A brown boy that’s funny and smart and has financial knowledge. The girl’s love him for his humor and charisma and his huge dick. An absolute slammer of a penis.
How can I compete with him? I can’t make any girl laugh and he’s a Rakin.
by EarthSlang November 24, 2021
Rakin is a very sweet, funny, kind and creative person he always tries his hardest to impress someone that he idolizes.

he cares deeply about his girlfriend and loves her to death and is always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. Rakin thinks very hard when it comes to art and enjoys it very much. he hides most of his emotions from everyone and is very quiet it takes time for him to open up to people
Rakin is such a creative and artistic person
by November 23, 2021
Did you see Rakin tester yesterday? He is Rakin that outfit!
by MajesticApple April 1, 2021
A gay brown person, who like white guys, and has bad taste in girls.
1. That guy is a total rakin.
2. Dont get all rakin on me now.
by whiteasswhores December 15, 2007
Making an enormous amount of money.
The city is rakin' cake with the last tax increase.
by scott5834 May 14, 2008