(noun) an exuberant individual with the uncanny ability to make any dull moment fun.
"This party is horrible, we need a Rajiv up in this bitch"
by BlazzinSkillzz December 27, 2008
1. Someone who is a complete G.
2. He/She has obtained "Ultimate G Status" from birth.
3. Magical
4. A musical genius
1. Ima Rajiv...
2. Rajiv, you are such a rajiv rajiv!!
Male, Handsome, and the most Brolic beastly being you will ever meet. Usually the life of the party and takes no crap. Dick swings to the knees. The utmost BA and interesting man in the world. Any questions or concerns he can help and is willing to take out the Juggernaut and chuck norris by himself and at the same time... Hates WAKA FLOCKA FLAME and demands that Jay-z is the best rapper alive!
Females: I want to find a Rajiv ASAP.
Males: You know what man... Sometimes, I wish I was a Rajiv. That would solve all of my life problems!
by Doug Nasty, Nasty Doug April 12, 2011
rajiv a hot sexy ass boy who is strange and weird until a person really knows him, he is intelligent, caring has a lot of heart and has a huge cock any girl would be lucky to have a rajiv.
by lexi1617 October 26, 2014
A really nice person who seems strange until you get to know him. very sexy personality and big penis. he will always be there for you and is very faithful.
Rajiv...probably the coolest person you'll ever meet.
by amanda01234 August 2, 2011
A sexy guy who gets all the batty. Hes proper hard and will bang any man in a scrap.
Oi whose that guy catching all the birds.

Yeah man thats Rajiv.
He is Rajiv
by Lovabouy23 May 1, 2021
An Epic Midget that does amazing things
Rajiv is Amazing
by Epic midget November 22, 2010