8 definitions by Lovabouy23

A sexy guy who gets all the batty. Hes proper hard and will bang any man in a scrap.
Oi whose that guy catching all the birds.

Yeah man thats Rajiv.
He is Rajiv
by Lovabouy23 May 1, 2021
A parrot without thought process maybe amoeba
He is akars
by Lovabouy23 June 4, 2021
They are classy ,sophisticated, super talented clan of india
They are so class. Must be Tripathy
by Lovabouy23 May 1, 2021
Someone whose life revolves around proving himself as if he lacks something considerable
He is so aakarsh always proving that he is proving.
by Lovabouy23 May 1, 2021
Super aashole who is hungry for fame
What a sucker....must be aakarsh
by Lovabouy23 May 12, 2021