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by Erin_Michelle January 16, 2007
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To have a joke (esp. a joke designed to offend a specific target) reversed upon onesself.

The term arose out of a widely criticized June 1991 speech given by New Jersey Republican Bob Michel at a political convention in Richmond, Virginia. Given as part of a reactionary address concerning the then-recent assassination of India's sixth Prime Minister, Rajiv Ratna Gandhi. While actual records of the speech are nonexistent, the media at the time condemned the speech, calling it "racist to an insane degree". It is unknown how or if the meaning of the word has changed relative to its original semantic intent, but new age linguist and street linguists today are often confuzzled by the degree to which the public reacted immediately following the June address, especially when contrasted with the modern definition.
*insert witty exchange wherein one intimidating character (IC) initially assumes a dominant position, only to become subject to a severe burn from likable protagonist*

Dude (to IC): "Bro, you just got rajived!"
by EruditeFibster March 18, 2013
hey, have you seen that rajiv over there? woah...
by funkyrandomness January 26, 2005
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Greatest quotes from Rajiv Bhatia

"This is my home, toronto is my home"

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Oye Rajiv Bhatia chutiye...kahan tha tu bhagode..bol firse bhaagega kya..??

Rajiv - Nahin sir ji maaf kr do.
by Wickedmind July 7, 2019
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