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1. Means lightening in Japanese.

2. A name of a person who is really cool. A unique name. Commonly gets mixed up with the name Ray.

ex. An Indian celebrity has the name Rai.

ex. Rai is so badass.
1. Raichu the Pokemon is an electric type. His name stems from rai, meaning lightening.

2. I like Rai because the name rhymes with pie. Which I also like!
by futhobag March 14, 2011
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Type of music that originated in Algeria and Morocco in the 1970's. It means to “state an opinion,” and is a mix of the traditional Middle Eastern sound and instruments with modern music. Can be capitalized or lowercased and can also be spelled raï.
Examples are: Cheb Mami, Alabina, Samira Said.
by Melinda April 12, 2004
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A bad ass mo-fo, that is extremely drink and is considered "the junt".
"Look at that kid with all them ladies...that kid must be Rais!"
by The Shit October 04, 2004
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Also known as a Tiggerai's, and mostly made of cake.
Rai's are known to be soaked sometimes is quality vino and are good.
Rai is mainly, though nicely, cake.
by Zak33 September 09, 2007
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As soon as Mabel picked up the phone, Ned's velvety voice greeted her: "You up for a little R.A.I. tonight, baby?"
by Ned March 26, 2003
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Beautiful, soulful, and curious. Very smart and opinionated. Loves to play around.
Omg, did u see Rai Austin this morning her eyeliner was perfect!
by KittyKitty1sexy January 23, 2017
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the action of lighting up that fat one u just rected. the greatest phase of runting generaly...hense, you rect a runt in order to rais it.
"yo thanks man, heres that runt"
"nah man you know the score, you rect it, you rais it!"
by daVilse April 27, 2004
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