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Samira is an amazing person. At first she might seem shy and quiet or maybe even conceited but thats not her at all. She's kind, caring, smart, funny,a bit wild and much more! But she has a temper so DO NOT get on her bad side!! Girls named Samira are ALWAYSSS beautiful and they love to laugh. They also have the dirtiest mind. No one is ever bored with a Samira and all the girls want to be like her
"Omg I wish I was Samira she's so amazing"
"I love Samira." "Don't we all?"
"At first I thought Samira was a bitch but she's actually an amazing human"
"Samira seems quiet" "Just wait til' you meet her. She's a wild one"
by XxAnime February 03, 2018
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Samira is a sweet and caring person she shy at times but very loving. Never let her go because u will never find an other girl like her she's very smart and hard to get she's will make any man happy with her smile and laugh it's so adorable she very valuable and unique you will never find another girl like her.
Oh I wish I hade a girl like samira
by Fujd August 14, 2017
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I love Samira so much😍
by AceVargas January 24, 2018
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Samira, is a person who is sweet and beautiful, can be vain at the best of times.
Never timely or punctual!
She has a great smile and laugh!
Men love her, she is followed everywhere she goes..

Oh i wish i was a Samira!
by dorothy5467 February 03, 2010
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Samira is a god. She is very athletic and funny! She can make anyone laugh. She is so pretty. Samira works hard for what she wants. Don’t get on her bad side! Samira is very out-going and she is not shy. She will step up to any problem and try her hardest to fix it. She is very loud and is hungry all the time.
samira has swag!!!
by dinonugget889 June 16, 2018
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Samira is the baddest hazel eyed girl around ! Although she may seem very quiet and shy , watch out its all an act she's a wild and freaky one. She loves to party and have fun you will never be bored with her. If your in a relationship with Samira never let her go you will never find anyone better than her. She's the best at sex and will know how to pleasure you in every way. She is easy to love but hard to let go
I wish I was Samira
by lovely36 May 07, 2012
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the name of people who are total spazzes and usually always use foul language in every conversation. Even if they arn;t blonde they are considered a blonde. They lead all the guys on coz she's hot. Their laughing style changes regularly. DO NOT give people who are named this water before having a funny conversation because they will most definitely spit it out all over you. If this person were to slap you don't worry because they will get scared and run away afterwards and apologize. But everyone loves her and if they don't its coz they're jelly
hide yo kids hice yo wife coz theres a samira coming around here!

who the hell was driving that car? must have been a samira..

"hey sam" "fuck you, you suck and you needa take a shit with yo fucking homo cunts" "well i guess we know your name.."

Samira says the dumbest things i swear she's half blonde! .. well since its tip dyed she's officially is :)
by iloveyousamira March 31, 2012
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