Samira is an amazing person. At first she might seem shy and quiet or maybe even conceited but thats not her at all. She's kind, caring, smart, funny,a bit wild and much more! But she has a temper so DO NOT get on her bad side!! Girls named Samira are ALWAYSSS beautiful and they love to laugh. They also have the dirtiest mind. No one is ever bored with a Samira and all the girls want to be like her
"Omg I wish I was Samira she's so amazing"
"I love Samira." "Don't we all?"
"At first I thought Samira was a bitch but she's actually an amazing human"
"Samira seems quiet" "Just wait til' you meet her. She's a wild one"
by XxAnime February 3, 2018
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What an she is. She picked up my shattered heart pieces and put them all back into its place with her love. I can't be more happy, greatful and most of all lucky to have met this previous soul of hers. She is caring, loving, adorable with her two brown eyes that I love to adore, a real sweetheart and she is irreplaceable to me. If I lose her. It would mean I had lost my smile, happiness, mood, love and my world. She means everything to me. Even is she can annoy me with her stupidity sometimes. I'll never be able to be mad with her for long as there is that bond that brings me back to her and the love I have for this pretty Angel. I love you so much Samira. Babygirl
I love you samira, you'll always be my number 1
by S.47 May 30, 2019
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Princess of the night.

Beautiful brown eyes and a laugh you will never be bored of hearing.

Crazy but wise.
Did u guys saw samira last night??
by Selena:) December 23, 2020
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Only the most special girl out there!
She's beautiful , smart , lovely , caring
And is the kindest person you'll ever meet.
Her eyes (even if they're brown :) ) are so mesmerising , you'll get lost in them and forget what you were gonna say to her.
She's just got something that makes you fall in love with her the second you meet her... that's what happened with me!
Now i just need to know if she feels the same way!
I love Samira's smile , and the way it shines makes the whole world stand and stare for a while.
by Sam sv August 17, 2018
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Samira is a sweet and caring person she shy at times but very loving. Never let her go because u will never find an other girl like her she's very smart and hard to get she's will make any man happy with her smile and laugh it's so adorable she very valuable and unique you will never find another girl like her.
Oh I wish I hade a girl like samira
by Fujd July 16, 2017
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An absolutely gorgeous girl who might just be the most caring person ever. If she likes you and you like her she will do everything she can to make you feel as good as possible and your life will become like heaven on earth. She has an absolutely astonishingly beautiful face and she is the perfect length for kissing. And she is not very hard to like because it's always fun talking to her. If Samira ever shows interest in you, you are one very lucky person.
I love you Samira <3
by Just.another_person April 30, 2018
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She is a pretty girl with a really soft heart.She might seem a little bit shy but if you are someone she loves or her best friend she is the most hilarious person !her smile is really cute and her eyes are cool !!
God Samira is hilarious!
-ikr I can't stop laughing
by loveisallweneed November 19, 2018
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