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awesome, funny, cool, my bestest friend.
oh and your mom.
Yazmin is cool!
by melinda January 15, 2004

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Professor Remus J. Lupin first appeared in 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,' is mentioned in the 'Goblet of Fire,' and appears in 'Order of the Phoenix.' He's the coolest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher ever and he's also a werewolf. His name comes from the Latin word for wolf.
Professor Lupin was breaking an enormous slab of chocolate into pieces. (84)
by Melinda April 12, 2004

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Pretty much considered the richest public school in harford county, AKA C- Hilton Wright. Here, the many types of teens ("preps", "punks", "skaters", "gangsters", "wiggers", "dorks" and "jocks") all basically hate eachother. We're no school, we're basically a division of war. Here, the preps are ugly fake blondes that don't eat and crave attention. Yep.... good ole C milton, boy i miss it.
(at pep rally) "hey man, what can we do to hurt that person over there, will it improve us as a person?"
by Melinda March 02, 2005

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Type of music that originated in Algeria and Morocco in the 1970's. It means to “state an opinion,” and is a mix of the traditional Middle Eastern sound and instruments with modern music. Can be capitalized or lowercased and can also be spelled raï.
Examples are: Cheb Mami, Alabina, Samira Said.
by Melinda April 12, 2004

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(noun) - when a female receives a lap dance from another female and bonus titty lickage takes place

(etymology) - "titty" from Old English for "teat"; "Fu" from Chinese a surname, specifically a female who had gone to Atlanta, received a lap dance, and had her breast licked.
All he wants to see is a little Titty Fu!
by melinda May 06, 2003

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freak, crazy people usually refurring to kids...
"Bed time for Bonzo's"
"Your freaky, ur a Bonzo."
by Melinda February 15, 2005

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Alabina is a "world" band made up of the lead singer Ishtar, from Israel, and Los Niños de Sara, gypsies from Spain. They sing in Arabic, Spanish, French, English, and Hebrew and combine Middle Eastern, Spanish, and gypsy music.
In the song, "Habibi de mis Amores," Alabina changed the Arabic song "Habibi Ya Noor El Ain" by Amr Diab and added a Spanish flavor.
by Melinda April 12, 2004

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