A bearded man that loves to perform gay sexual acts in the privacy of public toilets, through gloryholes with gay or bisexual men.
Watch out! this toilet has a Ragnar in it!
by gayLover6969 October 17, 2012
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The word Ragnar comes from the word Gymnos which has been translated and been reinterpreted through many generations. Today its meaning simply is naked faggot.
Johan: Dude are you gonna have a sauna?
Max: Fuck no thats so for Ragnars.
Johan: Tru dat, dat shit be gay
by milfhuntar March 25, 2010
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One-sided definition describing the male performer in an oral sex act.
Ragnar: "Who wants a moustache ride?"
Person 2: "I do; I want one."
by raggerdaggerjaggerfuckingballC February 4, 2010
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A name of sacred origins. When someone exclaims "RAGNAR", all within earshot must punch someone near them. RAGNAR can be called at any point
Mich: *calls RAGNAR and punches Pete*
Pete: You can't call RAGNAR just so you can punch someone!
Mich: Yeah, you can!
Nick: *calls RAGNAR and punches the crap out of Mich*
by Pete P. Comerford thuh March 8, 2010
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A Competitive CoD term used for really stiff Assault Rifle players/Main AR Players. Common within everyday trash talk.
"Hey Hazza you're a Ragnar"
"No im not! 1v1 me bocage ars only!!"
by Asriat September 6, 2022
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