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A gut wrenching, hand cletching shit that feels as though you are birthing a baby through your butthole. this massive shit will not only destroy your anus, but also clog your invest in some rid-x. p.s. this usually happens when enraged...possibly on steroids.
My friend hit the gym hard, and later preceded to take his anger out by taking a Rage Shit, which destroyed my bathroom for days.
by Domineezy fur sheezy March 04, 2011
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Rage shit - A different approach to the original "Rage Quit". See example below -

Similar rules apply to "Rage Quit" however, this has a smelly twist to it. As opposed to quitting from a game when enraged with pure anger and hatred for your opponent. The victim, suffering with rage shit tends to take a shit to calm down.
Guy 1 - "Why are you raging so much?"

Guy 2 - "This game makes me so fucking mad I'm about to Rage Shit"

Guy 1 - "What?"
by RageShit September 07, 2011
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The act of being so pissed off that when you take a shit, the muscular tension caused by your rage forces the turd out at into a perfect log form.
Damn dude, Mike must have really been pissed off, look at how perfect his rage shit is!
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When something angers you so much you have to vent the pressure by taking a shit the size of the moon.
I'm so mad at that asshole Jimmy! I gotta go take a rage-shit.
by Psycho the Bunny January 29, 2018
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