cheater, loser, liar, abusive, a disgrace to all women kind
dude, she's such an amber heard, abusive and shitty. Leave before she files a lawsuit against ya.
by eFroggy April 26, 2022
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worst actress ever, lying whore and bitch
friend: omg look at her *points to skank*
other friend: ugh what an amber heard
by April 30, 2022
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My ex girlfriend left me an Amber Heard.

discharge feces from the body.
To defecate is defined as to have a bowel movement. When you expel feces, this is an example of a time when you defecate. verb. (now rare) To purge; to pass (something) as excrement.
To go #2 in the bed.
by Supasaiyantarded April 26, 2022
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Kate: "I'm disgusted by Amber Heard and her actions. I can't believe she would lie about something so serious!"
Chris: "I know. Justice for Johnny Depp!"
by isabelle222 April 24, 2022
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imma just tell the whole thing for clueless people
amber heard is basically a woman married to johnny depp. their marrige quickly ended in 2016 when miss heard filed some divorce papers.
she claimed that johnny depp physically abused him and has been doing it for years, obviously a lie will eventually be exposed. so then the secret later on spilled all over the internet and now people absolutley DESPISE her for her doing.
now depp is suing amber for $50 because of her lies.
did you hear what amber heard did?
yeah, people are calling her amber TURD because it rhymes with heard now
by insxmniac May 24, 2022
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a narcissistic psychopath she demon that loves to beat their partners, men and women. Has a gormless expression on her face at all times. Isn't toilet trained. Might shit on bed. Hates pirates.
Eg: that girl is so insane she's such an Amber Heard.
Eg : ughh.... she hates pirates , shes such an Amber Heard.
by Buhushika's friend May 18, 2022
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