4 definitions by QD.

prostitude, stripper, whore, slut, hoe, hooker & or occasionaly crack head, crack baby. All put together equals that term.
John; DAMN! Kaitlyn is hot. She's not a ragdoll, I wanna tap that?

Darnell; Awwwww *gag*; thats just pure & plain desperate mayne. DONT HANG OUT WITH ME NO MO'!
by QD. August 01, 2008
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A slang, use by Diligentz, a rapper of the Bay Area. It means a female who's gangster, popular and/or good in bed. They replace the letter "P" for the letter "B" because it's stand for Bay Area.

A song "Bopular" - Diligentz ft. Go DAV
#1: "Damn, that beezie is hella Bopular."
#2: "Bet you 5 bucks, she's a hoe."
by QD. April 11, 2007
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A weak rapper who thinks he could get any girls he want with just his look, basicly a square face, lips that look like they just have a lip collagen & and eye browns that look like he have a blind person waxing it for him & for all those girls out there who thinks they are Bow Wow wifeys/gurl/baby-boo, keep dreaming, you cant evem get your crush to like you. Anyways back to the definition;; Famously known for: trying to diss Will Smith by saying Smith cant rap, engage to an R/B singer Ciara but kikc her ass after he pop her, & for partnering up with Chris Brown because he secretly have a crush on him. He claim he's from ATL, but he's actually born/from Columbus, Ohio.
#1: DAYUMMM!!! Bow Wow look hella fine!!!!
#2: Keep dreaming hoe. Your boyfriend dont even like you.
by QD. April 16, 2007
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Means Dummy Pack/Dummy Pacc/Dummy Pakc. Common slang use by Bay Area rapper and/or people who rep Bay Area. Popular by Myspace user; who live in San Jo., Fresno, San Fran., Sac-Town, 0akland, etc.
Jason: DP to da fullest! Yadadamean?
Mom: STFU, I want you to be a lawyer not a rapper/gangbangers!
by QD. April 14, 2007
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