Typically means a person who believes in far left politics.
Wow, I can't believe that the Left hasn't done anything to actually support black people even though people donate to them for that cause. The Radical Left is on it again!
by Harowlt September 6, 2020
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The most polarized political liberals as a group; term meant to counterbalance the concept of the Radical Right.
"Be careful, man! The Radical Left is gonna -"

"The Radical Left?! You're kidding. What are they going to do? Hit me with their book bags?!"
by DavidMacLuna October 9, 2021
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A blanket term used by Donald Trump and other Republicans to describe their political opponents.
Those radical left Democrats are trying to take down our president!
by CarvelFlyingSaucer July 12, 2020
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A Trump term on how he describes the Democratic Party.
Today's Democratic Party is more radical than it's ever been. Not all Democrats are classified as radical left Democrats.
by ec4u2c_studioz March 31, 2022
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