A word use to exaggerate the outcome of a tragic or delightful incident(Peanut dread, 2022)
Anything sweet u...ago sour u raas....Radam!
by 5am_coatz August 21, 2022
Radam is a name for a beautiful and brave soul. Radam usually strives for the best and for uniqueness, at the same time bringing light to the people around them. An inspirer and revolutionary in their time.
Misha: Hey do you know who Radam is?

Polly: No, never heard of such a name!

Misha: That’s because it’s extremely rare. Radam is the hope-bringer. You should meet them sometime.
by iloveyoumybaby November 23, 2021
A sexy person who attracts women without effort like no tomorrow. He is the best in the bed and always pleases the woman like she never had before. Usually a Hispanic who starts stuff
Joe: Man did you see that kid he's so hot I want to be gay
Friend: I Know he must be a Radames
by Thekid3000 November 12, 2015
Sexy short Spanish man who pulls all the girls with big tits
Is that Radames

Damn he pulled that big tit girl
by Radames,Op,Darius June 16, 2022