an outdated slang term meaning "good". possibly still current on the west coast, land of scariness.
if you've used the term rad since since 1990 in any way but to make fun of it, you are a sad individual
by minghi May 21, 2003
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Radical, used to describe something good or wanted.Usually used by scene kid's.
your rad, im rad, lets hug.
by IWalkWithShadowsX August 02, 2008
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what adults THINK kids say (adults try to use it to make them look cool) but that term went out in the 90s and it is a cool example of how outdated adults are
Adult Fukock: You is rad.
Me: Fuck off wrinkle-dicked tard.
by Allahan November 13, 2010
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Short for "radical," it's a word that needs to come back. Often used in conjunction with dude.
Dude, I can't believe that you memorized the periodic table. That's a totally rad waste of time.
by Quam Celerrime August 06, 2008
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A word that gained popular usage in the 1980s. It is an abbreviation or "radical," and is a synonym or cool and/or stellar. Synonymous with surf bums and teens who think they are still in the 1980s.
Surf bum: Duuude, I just got tubed in the most righteous wave today!
Valley girl with big blonde hair and spandex: Like, ohmygod, that is SO rad!
by Sir Joshizzle July 14, 2006
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A cooler way of saying somthing is awesome. Coming from snowboard and skate roots.
generikal.com is so ill its rad!
by generikal.com April 27, 2003
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Acronym for "Retarded and Dumb." Generally regarded as the reason the word "rad" fell out of use in the '90s.
Maddona is so R.A.D.!
Yeah, Retarded And Dumb.
by penguinposse June 23, 2009
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