A word explaing how sweet something is and or how cool. It was used way back when. It is still cool today.
by Jenakae July 24, 2008
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best it can get.better than cool,sick,sweet,tight.a praise or compliment!
that new phone is rad.those quiksilver clothes are rad.
by ted foster March 22, 2008
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An acronym for a medical condition known as "Red-Ass Dick Syndrome". Usually caused by excessive amounts of dry humping, resulting in severe chafing of the skin just below the head of the penis. Sufferers of RADS often experience pain while walking, running, having sex, jerking off, eating, driving, and breathing. The only known cure is to get with chicks who are easy so that you can actually have sex.
Check out Jesse over there. He's gotta walk half bent-over because he got a bad case of RADS Saturday night.
by The Slow Kid May 07, 2006
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Random Acts of Dyslexia

when you randomly mix-up numbers and spelling
I was texting her last night and asked her who she was doing instead of how she was doing... damn RAD!

bottle= bottel
by morgalini March 03, 2010
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ride and destroy.
A rad skate session. we skated, we destroyed
by don October 07, 2008
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A word that can be replaced with cool or awesome. Generally meaning that something is good.
Rad is the most annoying word ever to have been created.
by Abby Scholtendey August 08, 2005
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Something that is really "cool", abreviation for the word radical.
Dang your outfits very rad today.
by 92rediculous January 20, 2017
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