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(n) an ideal gentleman in and out of bed who practices giving a lady's pleasure first before himself and can have sex for long periods of time. Typically he would have the perfectly sized cock for the partner (not too big, not too small, it's juuuusssst right)
That raco proves chivalry is not dead, after all.

He is so raco, he came 9 times yesterday!
by hotaznbitch August 10, 2011
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Pronounced 'rar-ko'. The quality of having bad breath or halitosis. It is most often used as a noun - i.e. 'he is raco'. It can also be used in an adjectival sense as in 'she has raco breath'.
'Man, your breath is raco after eating that kebab.'
'Thanks, I'll go and clean my teeth'.


'My cat is raco as f*ck.'
by SusieQ June 28, 2005
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Reciprocal And Concurrent Oral Sex. Term referring to the simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus of two sexual partners, also known as 69. Pronounced "Rock Us"
Yo dawg, I was givin' my girl da RACOS. And she was givin it to me, ya dig.
by als;kdf;laskdfj;l April 27, 2011
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