Vile, cold hearted, and detached when it comes to delivering justice , whilst being an upstanding or normal citizen, even if a family member is the guilty party.

Savage in the art of brutally inflicting painand/or death , and the type of person to go for an elegant date or go to mom's for dinner right after fulfilling their savage duty.
He isn't an upstanding citizen per say, but The Punisher is a Rachid Bastard .
Another, more appropriate example would include "William Wallace " in Braveheart ,

And Dan Behrends from Kelowna British Columbia.
by Justicepeace June 14, 2018
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something gross and or disgusting
sweat of eric, a sex term joke, stephen's feet, nastiness in the bottom of a cup, rita's swedish fish italian ice, a big old tire filled with ants, S-A-B plants, etc......should be used in a sentence like "wow your face is so rachid"
by SABspoons August 12, 2009
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a really great guy, rachid is always willing to share. giving, generous and extreamly thoughtful, rachid never puts himself first before others. always willing to help and never expecting nothing in return.
"hey mate you dropped your wallet!", "Thanks Rachid"

"excuse me I found this iPhone four on the sofa I think it belongs to you", "Thanks Rachid"

"you need to borrow fifty quid, sure here ya go, no need to repay me mate" "Thanks Rachid"
by Taxman1231 September 14, 2011
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Feeling rough as fuck, hungover or just feeling horrible
I had a hectic party last night, I'm feeling so rachid this morning.
by daisysky August 05, 2016
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Nobody likes a Rachid in their friend group, they always think to highly of them self .’
by - Fungirlxopaarden January 04, 2020
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