Someone who usually has the worst grammar problems, a non-classy extremely rude human being. This person always likes to start picking fights and being the center of attention everywhere they go. A girl who acts like she is the queen of everything but in reality, she is basic as ghetto as ca be. Loves being loud and twerks every time she hears music that she can dance to. She the opposite of classy and elegant this may even be the classist why to refer to this kind of ignorant of person.
Lily was acting so rachet last night by coming into the club with a skin tight dress and twerking all over the guys all night long.
by charlenet May 04, 2017
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(rah-shay') When somebody middle class pretends to be ratchet to fit in. Analogous to suburban white people pretending to like monster trucks.
Damn. Look at that dress.
She's from Hillcrest. That's just rachet.
by dmesg January 26, 2016
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A person who is fly and has everything good. When you see them, they always look fly and have everything together. Shoes=clean Clothes=fresh Hair=banging.
SYM:Gutta, Fresh 2 def, Spivoe, Clean, legit
ANT: Chapped, cut throat, spit
Danielle: Damn, Bow Wow sho do look rachet.
Thelma: That nigga sho do. He gutta.
by Tha #1 Gutta Gansta December 27, 2005
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A trashy drink combining Sunny Delight and Vodka. All the torque of a Screwdriver with none of the nutrients!
Im getting trashed tonight on Rachets!
by moniker001 January 12, 2016
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Someone or something that is gross and nasty
L- Omg did you see her outfit
J- yea it’s so rachet
L- I knowww
by Rach-definitions November 21, 2018
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