1. A slang word meaning, "ghetto" or "hood"

2. Ace Hood's rap album released in 2008
1. He's straight out the Gutta

2. I am listening to Ace Hood's new album Gutta.
by Puvar January 05, 2009
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Some on who has grown up in da ghetto and has grown to become a real goon,thug,gangsta
Man 1*cris from da 84 street projects and was broke

man 2*now he gone gutta pissed so he put in dat work and is robbin suckaz for money

Man 1*oh shit here he come!
by Young Teck March 05, 2008
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Str8^ gangsta. Too gangsta for most gangstas to handle.

Jay-Z's lyrics are gutta for real.
Ice all up in da grill is so fresh, so clean and so gutta.

Thems _____ is so gutta.

FUPAs are not gutta, they nasty!
by Desh September 12, 2007
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