something that is very gangster
Yo that kid is Gutta.
by jay-tek December 3, 2002
A true slum or hood where high crime and acts of violence are prevalent as a way of life and used to gain respect and Territory .
He was baptized in Tha Gutta kenfolk , straight hood be that boi real talk!
by B-zy B May 2, 2016
Gutta means to be real
Just keep it Gutta with me you don’t gotta lie.
by LoveForGSG May 26, 2019
Some on who has grown up in da ghetto and has grown to become a real goon,thug,gangsta
Man 1*cris from da 84 street projects and was broke

man 2*now he gone gutta pissed so he put in dat work and is robbin suckaz for money

Man 1*oh shit here he come!
by Young Teck March 5, 2008
y i gotz to get me these sneakers... they gutta
by Kathryn April 19, 2003
an exclamation of approval or interst in something. (as in, that's awesome!)

Taken from the german term for good, pronounced goot. often used with other hip-hop words, i.e. Gangsta, G-Thug, etc.

syn: Sick, awesome
That's Gutta!
by DBRobinson August 4, 2003