-noun. The activities of a ratchet including : twerking, dropping down low, climbing anything that resembles a pole, doing anything that may show ones privates by accident or purposely.
My girls and I are ready for some rachetivities this evening.
by Chubbee August 18, 2015
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An obnoxious and rude person who is self contained and believes they are God's gift to the world but is often just ghetto fabulous and low class.
My ex girlfriend Lyndsay is so rachet she actually thinks I care about her skanky ways.
by Southsider February 05, 2015
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An annoying , very rude person. Normally tries to act ghetto by typing in words or phrases such as " Af' ", " Janky ", " Finna" , " Cus " , Etc. Most people think of "Rachet" girls or boys as trashy. In other words a "Rachet" person is the most non-classy human-being in presence. They usually have the worst grammar problems and they always try to pick fights with everybody .
Boy #1 - " I heard that girl got into a fight."
Boy #2- " Well, duh shes rachet."
by YooMama July 12, 2013
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using sex as a bribe to get something you want.
this girl just gave me an ass dance for molly. that's racheteering!
by maddawg16 September 16, 2013
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Someone who usually has the worst grammar problems, a non-classy extremely rude human being. This person always likes to start picking fights and being the center of attention everywhere they go. A girl who acts like she is the queen of everything but in reality, she is basic as ghetto as ca be. Loves being loud and twerks every time she hears music that she can dance to. She the opposite of classy and elegant this may even be the classist why to refer to this kind of ignorant of person.
Lily was acting so rachet last night by coming into the club with a skin tight dress and twerking all over the guys all night long.
by charlenet May 04, 2017
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A device consisting of a bar or wheel with a set of angled teeth in which a pawl, cog, or tooth engages, allowing motion in one direction only. It is a basic useful tool that recently, the name had been attempted to be used as a form of slang to calla person a 'heartless diva' because the person was unable to create their own word; It is assumed to be overlooked by the general public, ranging from stupid to genius, because of select other used 'tool' words, ( such as "hoe" and "rake") was so well known, that they wished to have their own brownie points.
"Man that girl is so Rachet..."
"What are you talking about?"
"You know--a rachet!"
"I think you have a few loose bolts."
by Captain Natalie February 13, 2014
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