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An ugly fat gay piece of mix-ed trash with a green thing on his eye. A person so fat even sumo wrestlers rejected him.
Hey there was an earthquake in California because Melcolm fell off his bed.
by Southsider June 30, 2004
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A performer of illusions that appear to be psychic in origin. The illusionist can present Extra Sensory Perception, mind over matter, precognition, or super mental abilities )such as memory or mathematics).
The mentalist Scott Xavier read my mind at a work function.
by Southsider February 05, 2015
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spanglish.literally means "raffle".but used as saying a certin gang or area is "the baddest" or "untouchable". mexican slang
literal- im going to the rifa

slang- east los rifa
by Southsider January 04, 2005
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An obnoxious and rude person who is self contained and believes they are God's gift to the world but is often just ghetto fabulous and low class.
My ex girlfriend Lyndsay is so rachet she actually thinks I care about her skanky ways.
by Southsider February 05, 2015
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