an action in which a person does something ironic but the outcome is good.
" The weirdest thing happened today."
"What was that?"
"This totally hot guy that I totally thought was interested in this other girl asked me out. It was really ironic"
"Wow, what a rachelle."
by rachelle hansen May 06, 2008
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To rachelle your way out of something means to back out of something you've promised you'd be a part of for weeks at the last possible minute.

People who rachelle their way out of things usually use some awful excuses they've built up for days to justify their actions.
Hey dude, is Lindsay still coming out tonight?

Nah man she totally rachelled her way out of it.
by Baba the bruce February 23, 2011
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normally an asian girl who is way over dramatic and is a stuck up bitch. but sometimes she can be nice if you get on her right side. she is very loving and generous at that point. when she gets mad at you it will be that way for a long time.. especially when you tell you dont wanna be her personal bitch. also extremely controlling
by lover1349 May 12, 2009
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An asian girl who is small shes senstive and has amazing friends she loves them with all her heart and hopes to meet them one day she loves everyone and everything. Although she can be sad once and a while she has her friends to cheer her up! Shes a really loving and heartful tiny person
Rachelle: hellooooo~
Person: Hii
Rachelle: hru? ^-^
by hello name meeee April 21, 2017
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Rachelle, a ratchet homosapian or other known as a hoe who makes fun of people's beliefs, race, and many other things. Also a person who's voice squeaks a lot when you're getting her furious or having a conversation with her about hoes. 😛
Why is rachelle such a squeaker? Even i'm younger than her and i have a deeper voice.
by Gayshelle July 12, 2017
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