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spanish version of lol. It means "Riendo un Chingo"
mrdistiller: ... and he said "i dont like it"!
mrcrio: RUC!
by mrdistiller September 17, 2009
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The Royal Ulster Constabulary.

The police force in Northern Ireland during the period of 1922 to 2001. It was the successor of the RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) and the predecessor of the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland.)

The force had to contend with the infamous "troubles" and dealt with terrorists from both sides of the political divide. Obviously this led to some suspect practices, However given that they were combating murdering terrorists who believed they were engaging is some type of war when actually it was the slaughter of innocent people some of their techniques where wholly justified.

The force received the George Cross for bravery to signify the danger of being a police officer during this time. The officers in the force have received since 1969 included 16 George Medals, 103 Queen's Gallantry Medals, 111 Queen's Commendations for Bravery and 69 Queen's Police Medals.

Whilst it will always be associated with the troubles, the R.U.C. is also an example of a police doing it’s best under impossible circumstances.
The RUC kicked a whole lot of ass.
by Jack Karch March 21, 2007
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Royal Ulster Constabulary, now known as the Police Service of Northern Ireland. A bunch of loyalist thugs.
by Gerry and Martins Lovechild September 08, 2003
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Roblox Under Armour Cup Series; A series on the shitty videogame ROBLOX that is ran by geniuses and raced by pure idiots.
Oh, the RUCS race is going on today.... I pray to God I don't get wrecked.
by notchristiannascar October 25, 2018
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Ready Up Cunts, usually used when play video games and somebody has a slow computer and everybody is waiting for said person.
1: RUC
2: Sorry need a new computer
by WiredGaming March 07, 2017
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