used as short for random. when you tipe something you don't have time to spell it the right way
this thing is fubar, it'll work rnd.

i can't use isdn cable for a lan! it'll be totally rnd!
by suppah January 05, 2005
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The AOL/ACLU message board and group of elitists that you know you want to be part of

Also used as an adjective
I should SO post that on RND!


That was very RND of you, Ric.
by NoVaGirl June 16, 2004
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RND- Real Nigga Degree. A term used by future college athletes to describe their major. Most have no intention of graduating with any type of real degree.
Random Kid- Hey man I heard you got a scholarship to UNC what do you think you're majoring in

Future College Athlete- Shit I'm just gonna go get my RND!

Random Kid- Your what?

Future College Athlete- RND.... you know Real Nigga Degree!!
by rndmaster August 29, 2010
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Karla: You see that white boy over there?

Rebecca: Yeah, why?

Karla: He's got more RND than a black guy!

Random Girl: Ain't that the truth I fucked that shit so many times!

Karla: Bitch fuck you. *beats random girls ass

Rebecca: Well bye Karla, Imma go get that RND! (:
by MattGee April 16, 2010
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