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The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. A university based in Melbourne. It well reknowned for never having any computers available despite having the word "technology" in its name.
"RMIT? What the fuck is RMIT?"

"Why Sharmona, it is the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology!"
by rmit923 April 21, 2009
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A TAFE located near Melbourne Central claiming to be a "University".
World renowned for it's frequent fire alarms and "contemporary" architecture.
Non-stupid person 1: Hey, are you at RMIT?

Non-stupid person 2: Nah I go to a real university!

Non-stupid person 1: Melbourne has a real university?

Non-stupid person 2: Yeah, Monash

Non-stupid person 1: Oh! Truth.
by LordOfMunster August 08, 2017
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