TAFE, in long 'Technical Applied Further Education' is the Australian government run educational facility for those who have left highschool but wish to further their skills and job prospects through a wide range of courses.

Something that many look down on simply for not requiring a UAI (university admissions index) to enrol. However these 'higher' individuals end up at TAFE themself when they're in their 30s/40s because the university courses they spent the best part of their life and money on can't actually be applied to a job.
Where do I find that big room where 300 of us gather around an old guy giving us his regurgitated ideology from a text book imprinted in his memory?

We don't have one of those here. It's TAFE.

Sorry, I'm too used to sticking with my life goal, which is to be accepted by society. So where do you go to be told what to write down about your beliefs on economic globalization?

Your mind.

by anothergitlikeyou April 28, 2009
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a) An alternative for University - often seen as being second-rate or as an easy option
b) A term used to describe somebody who is failing, screwing up their life or who has just done something stupid/dopey hence They are Tafe or second-rate
a) "No wonder Mrs D is a rubbish Teacher - she did her teaching course at TAFE not uni"

b) Tim: Did you do that history assignment Tommy?
Tom: Nah man, i forgot
Tim: Thats just TAFE mate

Chris: You gonna bother doing your project Ollie?
Ollie: Maybe but only if i can be bothered.
Chris: Mate you know where your going.
Ollie: Where? wtf
Chris: TAFE!!!!!!!!!!

"Does John go to school any more?"
"Nah hes tafing it, he dropped out"

Ben: Shit man have you seen my bag, i think i've lost it
Tim: Man are you stupid, its right next to you
Ben: Oh..yeah hahaha
Tim: Mate your just Pure tafe

by Rimmomg August 19, 2007
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1. The australian form of technical college, lower than universities but higher than centrelinking it up.
2. A word used to describe a fuck up
1. "Hey johnny howd you go in that test"
" Tafe "
2. "Did you hear about Oliver?"
"Yeah hes a tafer"
3. "Timo i cbf doing this assignment"
"its due tomorrow if we dont hand it in we'll be going to tafe"
4. Your just tafe mate, nothing short of absolute tafe
by nontafer February 12, 2009
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Peter: tafe is for smart people

Andrew: shut the fuck up man it means teaching after failed education
by ajax1992 October 20, 2011
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(Can also be spelled as Taffed Out)
I've Been up for 36 hours, I'm Tafed OUT!!
by Patrick27 May 5, 2016
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It is a big YouTube Channel with Vlogs!

1. Good Videos
2. Nice dude
Tafe tv mag avocadoos!
by Tafetv April 5, 2017
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