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When a woman gives a man oral sex while feeding him a sandwich.
"I was hungry and horny last night, so I told my girl to give me an RGP."
by mistersmith1990 March 18, 2009
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Rich Guy Propaganda. A principle of life that every educated person needs to know--that Rich Guys use the principles of propaganda to fool the gullible into thinking that what's good for the rich is good for them.
Notice how, during every election, Rich Guys repackage trickle-down economics and try to sell it all over again? It's nothing but RGP bullshit, lipstick on the same old, greedy pig.
by Armand Dillo April 14, 2013
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Achronim for radiant, goegeous, perfect
Man, I can't help but love those RGP people!
by Deenie November 13, 2003
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RGP means Rich Girl or Guy Problems. When you have way too much money that it causes serious problems for you.
That girl was crying when she found out she had to fly on a commercial jet to her ski holiday in the alps. She suffers from serious RGP. I hope she didn't have to sit in economy too!

That girl just couldn't decide on which designer hand bag to buy. This RGP caused her to develop a serious headache.

Oh, which sports car to drive today? Looks like that guy is suffering from RGP.
by suzgirl February 09, 2017
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